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Rewards Program


What is this?

This is customer rewards program. This is our way to say thank for being part of our journey. Our rewards program is designed to let our power customers buy at a discounted price or get free products.

How do I spend my diamonds?

Diamonds can be redeemed directly on during your purchase. The option to redeem your diamonds is proposed on the cart page, just before checkout. You need to have at least 10000 diamonds to be able to redeem. You can pay up to 20% of your order with your diamonds.

I am not able to find the redemption button.

The redemption is not supported if you are browsing with Safari in private browsing mode on Mac or iOS (including iPhone, iPod & Pad).

When do my diamonds expire?

Your Diamonds have not expiration date. You will not be charged for inactivity.

How do I get more diamonds?

Please check our list of rules for more information about how to get more diamonds.

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