About Us....




Remember that GREAT trip to Vegas? Everyone cheering when you landed in the desert? The fabulous meal at the great restaurant that belongs to that famous chef? The cool club with the VIP section? The dancing 'til dawn? That great boutique where you bought that dress....? 

Yeah...I LOVE that dress. And that boutique...where can I get more of THAT kind of clothes...? 

Until now, you couldn't. Vegastyle Boutique is the FIRST online store to bring the fashionable, unique boutiques of Las Vegas to you, on your computer. 

Unique, trendy pieces that you won't find at your neighborhood mall....in Junior, Missy and Plus sizes. 

We also off an EXCLUSIVE concierge service for visitors. We will deliver your purchases directly to your hotel before you arrive...no need to pack a suitcase. 

Contact us directly at 702.365.5284 for more information about our concierge services.