Posted on July 02 2015

So, it's THAT time of year again....summer time! Vacation time! Fun in the sun! YAY!!! 

We thought we would put together a "Las Vegan's Guide to Las Vegas" for summer visitors. This is going to be funny, but true, with some cute clothes sprinkled in, because we are, in fact, a fashion guide to all that 's fashionable in Las Vegas!

First, YES, it IS Las Vegan, and no, we are not all VEGANS. Same spelling, different pronunciation and meaning. 

Next, it gets REALLY hot here. You already know that. It doesn't really matter if "it's a dry heat." Even if you live here, anything over 105 degrees is REALLY uncomfortable if you are outside. Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water, and wear outfits like this: 


JULIA Flyaway Top  and Stacey Short Shorts

Ok, so you know about the heat....but most people won't tell you about the cold. Yes, the COLD. In the casinos. You know how it've decided to brave the heat, and walk "across the street" from Bellagio to Caesar's Palace (LOL...nothing is as close as it seems in Las Vegas!). By the time you reach Caesar's, you are practically melting. Your pace quickens as you spy the shade, near the glass doors to the entrance. The automatic doors open, and.....NIRVANA! The cool air wraps around you and calms all of your senses. For about two minutes. As you move deeper into the casino, you feel a slight chill. CHILL? What the what? it's 110 flippin' degrees out! How can I be COLD? Here's how: its' ALWAYS 65 degrees in the casinos. And you are wearing shorts and a tank top. That's why you need THIS outfit when hanging indoors: 


ANGELINA Bell Sleeve Lace Top and SCARLETT Compression Legging

The Angelina tunic is on-trend, lightweight, and a statement piece....all rolled into one. The Scarlett compression legging (from Nygard Slims) holds you in in all the right places, as well as helps prevent muffin top. Go have another Margarita!!!

Here's one last thing everyone needs to know about Las Vegas: prostitution is NOT legal. It IS legal in most counties in Nevada, except Clark County, home of Las Vegas, and that other county, up north, home of Reno. Can't remember the name. However, sexy club wear IS legal, and we've got you covered there too. Here's our current fave: 

SONIA  Sexy Bodycon Bandage Dress

The SONIA is a fitted, compression bandage dress with braid trim detail in the front, and a zipper back with sexy open cage. 

We hope this has helped clear up a little confusion. We will address more in future blogs. 

If you have any questions/comments, please contact us at 


VB Team


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