Travleing to Vegas?

Posted on January 26 2015

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and would like to have your suitcase full of the "right" clothes before you arrive? 

That's where we come in! was founded for all of those women who love Las Vegas-inspired fashion. 

Our buying team has years of experience working in this unique market, and we strive to bring you special pieces that you will not find at your local stores. We strive to weave Las Vegas panache with current fashion must-haves. Check out our Boho Chic shop here:

Maybe you will be visiting for a bachelorette party. We've got you covered with the best party styles here:

Are you a little more on the conservative side? Check this out:

We believe that trendy Las Vegas-inspired fashion should not hurt your pocket, and are working to keep a large majority of our styles under $'ll find prices much higher when you get there, so stock up BEFORE your trip.

Also, residents who live outside of the state of Nevada pay no sales tax!!




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