Why 24-7Vegastyle.com?

Posted on November 07 2014

My first post. 

I've never written a blog, so I'm not sure what to write. 

We launched about a month ago, after mulling the idea for something like this over and over...for more than a few years. 

If you've ever been to Las Vegas (and who hasn't?) you may have shopped at one of those hotel boutique stores. They have great product; it's a little edgy, a little brighter than the what you see at your local mall, and just a little sexier overall. Well, I once worked for one of those boutiques, and we had many, many people asking to be able to buy online. The company I worked for chose not to go that route, and a few of us got together and decided to do it on our own...and here we are. 

We work with the same vendors, and have access to the same assortment as those other stores. We wanted our shop to be better for the customer, and best way, we found, to make it better, was through pricing. Our clothing is the same, but our prices are anywhere between 15% and 30% lower than those boutiques...and we are going to keep it that way. 



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